Saturday, January 19, 2008


Ugh work has me really busy right now. So here is a quickie.

Discipleship is just as important as outreach. It does not matter if you bring a lot of people into a church if there is no growth. When picking volunteers for youth ministry one chooses spiritually mature adults. Now if everyone in the church is new and not mature then there is no one who should be asked to volunteer. Disciple starts the life-changing experience that lead to someone impacting their world for God. Discipleship gives youth a foundation for them to live by and continue to grow no matter where they go. Discipleship and outreach are a combination that we should live by and not just think about getting more people into chruches.

(This is in response to some meetings going on at work)


Dan said...

If you want an easy read on the subject, check out Robert E. Webber - Ancient-Future Evangelism. It addresses the International Council on Discipleship in 1999 saying that the church is "one mile long and only one inch deep."

I totally agree with you on the necessity of discipleship. I want to be a great discipler, but then I think, Have I ever had an example to follow?

The difficulty in discipleship is that is by necessity a chain, and if you're the one trying to be the first link, it's tough. It makes me think I need to get back into that though. But... who to disciple? That's where outreach comes in.

Dan said...

it's been a month. you're overdue.