Wednesday, October 22, 2008

easy money

I was perusing that wonder gift of the internet and I saw something incredible. On hulu there is a show called Easy Money. This is a show about those people that give pay day loans to people that re unfair and take advantage of people. We know these are bad people and they do bad things. Their avarice is apparent and their morals are nonexistent. But the thing that hit me was the portrayal of Christians. One of the characters is a part of a contemporary worship choir at her church. So in the show they are blasting a Christian song as background music. I am a little saddened by this. This means that that holder of the rights of this song let this happen. They did not check into what their song will be used for. So Christianity and worship are not really flattered here. Secondly there is a hint that the pastor is carrying on a relationship with the character in an inappropriate way. Winks generally have the connotation of something underneath and conspiracy. So Christians are portray as no better or different than anyone else. I guess I should not be surprised by this but I am. I do not like the idea that Christian would fit so seamlessly into a show about loan sharks. That instead of being the opposite of the loan sharks they are in cahoots with the loan sharks. I am not sure what the response is but it tells me that I need to be different.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am not dead

There is so much to write about I am not sure what to write about. So recently I have been given a mortal insult. If we still had code duello I would have to consider it. Personally everything that I am comes from personal piety. My faith is my source. That God is the most real and from that I do everything. My views of theology and philosophy are based on God. My views how what to eat and how to act are from god. If anything about me is nice then that is because God is so cool. If anything about me is crappy then that is because I did not let god in and I choose sin over God. So this guy mocked that. He scoffed at that idea that personal piety was important. That is about as bad as it gets to insult me. If you deny and mock the thing that I hold most dear then I have a problem with that. One cannot insult what a person holds most dear and then expect things to be good.

Also another negative note I am finding I do not like conferences. Christian conferences are not designed for introverts. They do not give the introvert time to relax and process what is being said. They just start to rush a person around. From the time I get up to until 8:30 they have me rushing somewhere doing something. Spiritual health does not come from business. One does not get closer to God when they are surrounded by voices crying for attention all day. It is driving me insane. I have started to skip things in an effort to get back under control. I have been trying to get as much sleep and reading for fun as possible. I am trying to relax and find some way to connect back to God despite all the noise. It is tough. I guess this reinforces my need for quiet in God and rest in him. Never let something suck your soul, but find time for God and chill in Him.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


The only conversation I have had for the past three days was over the phone. This may seem innocuous but really this is vexing. I am not an extrovert by any means. I do not even like groups of two. But I do need to talk so someone. It helps me process and sort out my thoughts. It allows me to hear feedback from someone else. if I think something up without input from somewhere else I only get caught up in thinking how right I am. When I think along my line of reasoning and I end up believing line of reasoning is perfect. It helps to hear from others.

So the only conversation I had was with a friend in Oregon. He was nice enough to let me blather on but it is disconcerting to keep talking and realizing how much I needed to get out. In college I had a good friend I was able to talk to. Here there are a few people to talk to but most of them have more pressing relationships they need to deal with. I am not about come between a marriage.

If anything this highlights the need of community in faith. We all need to talk to people about important things. We need to talk to people about God. We also need to talk to
God. None of us can live life alone but with others the journey is so much cooler.