Saturday, December 15, 2007

First Post is About TeeVee

I guess every now and then TV has to get the negative post about it. I realize That there are times when I just watch too much TV when I have better things to be doing, particularly reading. I am at home right now where my library is and I have the chance to do all of this reading but instead I am spending my night watching TV. How disappointing. Sometimes I find watching it to be a nice way to veg-out and enjoy media. But really I just need to watch it less. At least when I am on the internet I could make the claim that I am probably reading something. I guess this goes to show I should not get cable. I would watch it all the time or something. I have heard a lot of messages about TV. That because I have grown up with TV I have witnessed so many murders and I have lost so many hours to TV. I realize that TV is not always that interesting or well written. I think this break I am going to take advantage of my books more and do some reading. It will be nice to have quiet.

I am starting to think that sometimes TV can be a little to captivating. That Life is not meant to be lived watching something. That I can produce things instead of watching items already produced. The reason I bring this up is that I was not able to think about anything to write until I turned off the TV. I was engaged and stopped to simply view something. I turned it off and then I was able to start writing. My mind was engaged and my creative juices were flowing. It is nice to simply write and get something out. I used to want to write more and this is my opportunity to get more out.

It is great to create. And with a reduction in TV viewing I hope to create some more here. To be stretched and become a little more useful to God.


Andrew Engelhardt said...


I look forward to having dialogue with you about theology, politics, culture, and everyday life. It is truly amazing, that the second we turn off the instant gratifications of this world, we are forced (or allowed) to think more deeply and think with meaning and passion. I am experiencing the same joys of reading and writing. I hope you continue in this quest.

Dan said...

Yeah, man. I totally feel you.

I've spent all night on facebook, myspace, gmail, and now blogger. I'm just glad I deleted the xanga.

So, here's to consuming less and living more.


... but I did watch TWO movies tonight. for those who know me, that's a miracle.